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Member's News - Retirement Meeting
2012 Retirement Event

Congratulations to the winners of our 2012 Retirement Meeting !!!

     The winners for the Craftsman 5pc Power Tool Combo Kit raffle are as follows:

1. Juan Lago - American Maritime, Red Hook

2. Carlos Da Silva - Container Services of NJ, Inc.

3. Pavel Torres - Flexi-Van Leasing, Inc.    

   photo1  Carlos Da Silva Container Services    

                   Juan Lago                         Carlos Da Silva

   Pavel Torres

                Pavel Torres         

Retirement meeting at Maher Terminals
Congratulations to the winners of our first of a serious of Retirement meeting at Maher Terminals  on May 22, and 23, 2012.  Thanks to the management at Maher, Local 1804-1 and members for helping and making this a success.

The winners for the raffle are as follows:
  1. Richard Worner  - won the Gas Grill
  2. Dionicio Verdia –  won the $100 Gas card
  3. Richard Bakerowski- won the $100 Home Depot card

Raffle Winner   Raffle Winner

Raffle Winner


Member's News - Recent Retirees
Adelino Luis
Adelino LuisAdelino Luis an employee of American Maritime has worked in the industry for 34 years as of March 1, 2012 has retired and will enjoy his time off.
Felix Gonzalez
Felix GonzalezFelix Gonzalez works for Apexel c/o Maher Terminal has been in the industry for 44 years works as a TIR he is an Active 70 1/2 pensioner effective April 1, 2012.
Jose Pombo
Retiring March 2012 Jose Pombo employed by American Maritime worked for 32 years in the industry as a Lasher member is going to Spain for a year.
Philip Pintozzi
Retiring March 2012Philip Pintozzi had 25 years in service worked for Bay Container Repair as a mechanic member has been disabled for some time and enjoying his time off.
Corrado Spavecchia
Retired January 2012Corrado Spavecchia retired after 35 years employed by Apexel Corp. worked in maintenance department member will be relaxing enjoying his time off.
Jorge Raffo
Retired December 2011Jorge Raffo worked for Maher Terminal for 10 years as a mechanic member currently lives in Florida working part time.
Rafael Madera
Retired November 2011 – Rafael Madera worked for A.G. Ship Maintenance as a Lasher worked for 32 years. Member will be enjoying his time off.
Pedro Alves
Retired December 2011- Pedro Alves worked for A.G. Ship Maintenance as a Lasher. After 21 years in the industry, he looks forward to spending some time with his family and friends.
Pietro Captorto
Retired December 2011 – Pietro Captorto retired after 13 years working for Kelmar in the maintenance department he's looking forward to some rest and relaxation.
James Gleason
Retired January 2012James Gleason worked in the industry for 34 years and worked for Port Securing and Maintenance as a TIR inspector. Member will be relaxing and as much possible.
Member's News - New Births
Donatella Senatore
Donatella SenatoreNew Birth - Congratulations to Antonio & wife Fatima on the birth of their daughter Donatella on 1/24/2012 6lbs 23oz.
Jack Da Costa III
Jack Da Costa IIINew Birth - Jack Da Costa III - Congratulations to Jack Da Costa Jr. on the birth of his new son Jack Da Costa III on 09/28/2011. Jack works for Columbia Container and has been in the industry for 9 years.
Christopher R. Mondella
New Birth - Christopher R. Mondella - Robert Mondella and wife Tara welcomed their new son Christopher R. on 09/02/2011. Robert has been in the industry for seven years and works at Island Securing/NYCT.
Lucas Michael
New Birth - Lucas Michael - Michael Bitette and spouse Melanie gave birth to their new son, Lucas Michael, on 8/16/2011. Michael Bitette works for Apexel Corp. in the M&R division.
Mariana Caspao
New Birth - Mariana Caspao - Congratulations to Cristiano & wife Diana on the birth of their daughter Mariana on 09/2011
Jackson Brooks
Jackson BrooksFrank & Katie Brooks gave birth to their son Jackson (7lbs. 11oz.) on July 2, 2011. Frank works in the Container Division at American Maritime Services.
Eva Marchiano
Eva MarchianoEva Marchiano (8lbs. 5oz.) was born on July 18, 2011 to parents Lisa & Thomas Marchiano. Tom works in the Container M&R department at Apexel Corp.
Soliel Castelo
Newborn - Joseph & Ashley Castelo welcomed baby daughter Soliel into the world on June 18, 2011. Joe has worked at Container Services of NJ for the past seven years.
Member's News - Newlyweds
Dante & Lauren Tignini
Dante & Lauren TigniniDante Tignini married his lovely bride Lauren on May 29, 2011. Dante has been working at Apexel Corp. for the past 10 years.
Yankiel & Laura Rodriguez
Yankiel & Laura_RodariguezYankiel & Laura Rodriguez were married on August 10, 2011. Yankiel has worked as a Lasher for A.G. Ship Maintenance for the past 6 years.
Member's News - Looking for Info
Julius Li Vecchi III
Julius Li Vecchi IIIJulius Li Vecchi III stopped by our office to inquire about some information. He works for PMNR/PNCT.
Member's News - Enjoying Retirement
Joseph & Millie Torrellas
Joseph & Millie TorrellasJoseph Torrellas and wife Millie are living the good life in retirement. The couple love to travel to Las Vegas and Puerto Rico and will soon set sail on a cruise at the end of the summer. Joe retired from Port Securing & Maintenance after 31 years as a TIR man and a mechanic before that.
Fund News
Metro-ILA’s “Health & Wellness Day” at NYCT a Big Success! PDF Print E-mail

The Metro-ILA Fringe Benefit Fund successfully kicked off its first “Health & Wellness Day” at N.Y.C.T. / Island Securing on June 29, 2011. The event is part of a campaign to promote good health and disease prevention for all Metro-ILA members and their families. The Fund is planning a series of Health and Wellness Days to be held at other Metro-ILA employer sites beginning in September.

 Fifty-five of N.Y.C.T.’s Metro-ILA employees participated in the day’s events. A professional Medical Staff was on hand to offer Free Wellness Screenings, including a Full Blood Workup, where many potentially serious conditions are best identified and addressed.

Basic Wellness measurements (glucose levels, blood pressure, Body Mass Index, etc.) were also offered. Participation was voluntary and test results were 100% confidential. Blood Pressure

Metro-ILA and Cigna Plan representatives helped members with questions about benefit coverage, claims issues, and finding primary care physicians and/or specialists. Additionally, informational brochures and free giveaways were distributed.

Three certified Massage Therapists offered neck and shoulder “Chair Massages” while members waited to get their Wellness Screenings.

Finally, a drawing for $500 in Gas and Gift Cards was held (5 cards at $100 each), as an added incentive for employees to sign up to have a full blood work up performed.  

The management of N.Y.C.T. and the Officers of ILA Local 1814 enthusiastically supported the event and applaud Metro-ILA for this groundbreaking initiative in our industry. Metro-ILA is especially gratified that it was able to conduct a direct outreach to employees in their workplace, with virtually no disruption to daily operations. 

The Trustees of the Metro-ILA Funds, the campaign’s sponsors, are committed to help plan participants see the value of scheduling annual checkups and Wellness visits as an investment in their job and family’s security. This will go a long way to prevent and treat medical conditions before they become catastrophic, costly, and life-threatening.

“It was truly a united effort,” said Joe Ragusa, Funds’ Administrator. “Management, the ILA, and the Funds all worked together for the health and well-being of our Metro-ILA plan members and they clearly appreciated it. Everyone came out a winner!”

Massages Registration

Visit our Photo Gallery to view more photos from the event.

Important Information About Your Pharmacy Plan and Refills for “Maintenance” Medications PDF Print E-mail
For many years, the Metro-ILA Pharmacy Plan allows “maintenance” medications to be filled at a retail, over-the-counter pharmacy, for a total of three (3) times (original prescription plus two (2) refills)*. (Examples of “Maintenance Medications” are drugs needed for the ongoing treatment of acid reflux, cholesterol, allergies, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.)
Hardship Loan Program Approved by IAR Fund Trustees PDF Print E-mail

Effective September 1, 2009, the Metro-ILA Individual Account Retirement Plan has been amended to add new hardship loan provisions to the Plan. In these difficult economic times, the Board of Trustees believes that Plan participants should have access to their account balances should an emergency arise.

Dollars & Sense: 4 Easy Ways to Decrease Your Out-of-Pocket Health Care Expenses PDF Print E-mail

The Metro-ILA Fringe Benefit Fund wants to help you limit your out-of-pocket medical expenses. At the same time, we’d like you to become our partner to help better control the Fund’s portion of the medical expenses we pay on your behalf. That would help us limit the need to shift additional costs to you in the future.

Take a More Active Role in Managing Your Metro-ILA I.A.R. Account: You’re Future Depends Upon It! PDF Print E-mail

You don’t have to be an expert to take a more active role in managing your Metro-ILA IAR account. The key to retirement planning is making sure you’ll have enough money to live once you stop working. Taking charge of how your account is invested may mean the difference between having enough money just to get by when you retire, or having enough money to live the way you want to live!

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